recording studio

Our main Control Room was designed and built from the ground up by
The Studio People.

It is fitted with a full air conditioning system, skylight, flush monitor wall, bass traps,
and a large triple glazed window to Live Room One .
All this provides a clean and healthy environment which helps
to minimize fatigue and ensures an efficient recording session.

THE MAIN CONTROL ROOMmain control room
We are proud to say that we have the industry's standard professional recording system.
Pro Tools HD
Running on a 3Gig Quad processor Apple MacPro computer.

The system is very stable.
32 analogue Ins and out's and 32 Adat light pipe.
Sonnex Oxford, Waves, URS, MCDSP full TDM plug in bundles.


Amek Einstein Super E (24 buss, 80 inputs)
Previously owned by Mute records this desk was used to mix or record many of the classic Mute records artists. Depeche mode, Erasure, Nick Cave etc.

As well as powerful computer plug in F.X. we have an extensive
range of outboard units ( see Technical Spec ).
In addition to simply recording your ideas we can use Keyboards,
Sound Modules, Synths and Samplers combined with session
musicians to add virtually any sound you can imagine.


Residential Recording and Rehearsal Studios UK 2016